Tasting Notes and Current Price List

*All Slide Ridge Estates wines contain sulfites*


2005 Cabernet Franc - $20.00 - For the experienced red wine drinker this is a rich and robust PURE Cabernet Franc. This wine stays true to the authentic flavor of the grape. This is not a blended Cabernet Franc, it is the real deal. With notes of dried plum, minerals and pepper, this is a naturally spicy yet dry red wine that will pair nicely with any luscious and flavorful red sauce pasta dishes or the most rustic steak and potatoes dinner.

2011 Merlot - $18.00 - A very palatable and drinkable smooth red wine with up front fruit flavors of dark berries, cherries and plums while maintaining hints of oak, earth and smoke. This wine is surely to pair nicely with your lighter fair poultry dishes such as roasted garlic chicken, steak salads, or silky pink flesh fish.

2010 "Washboard White" (50% Chardonnay, 50% Chenin Blanc) -  $16.00 - A playful yet flavorful white blend that is bursting with citrus fruit flavors and hints of lemongrass and oak. Keeping with the Pioneer Theme of Slide Ridge Estates, "Washboard White" is an eclectic mixture of flavors, textures and layers. This is a light to medium bodied wine that can be paired with any dish, but have been known to especially compliment seafood meals, Caesar salads, and lighter poultry and pork dishes.