Acquired in 2009, Slide Ridge Estates is named for the great landslide which overlooks it in Manson, Washington near Lake Chelan. Procured as an underdeveloped vineyard, The Thomas Family pioneered innovative approaches of care by blending New and Old World growing techniques. Like the wild Mustang, it is with bold spirit that Slide Ridge Estates proudly brings you handcrafted, homestead wines.

We are an American winery that holds true to the values which build heritage, freedom, and strength. The Pioneer Theme of our winery is representative of the tradition, free enterprise, and rustic culture that forms strong foundations for the love of family and country. It is important to us that when you're here, you feel at home. When you taste our wines, you will understand that each sip has been tenderly cared for by hand from vine to bottle to glass.

We are a simple, grassroots winery with very little big machinery. Each grape is hand picked, each cork is hand placed, each label is adhered by hand.

Our sincere hope is that you enjoy our wines with your favorite friends, food and fun as much as we enjoy making them.

Our Story